Keeping Clothes and Closets Organized

Disorganized closets can cause stress and frustration. Tossing clothes in the closet can lead to wasted time trying to get ready in the morning or the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” problem. Imagine having an organized closet that you felt good about? Where you can find what you need, when you need it.

We’ve put together some steps on how to organize your closet and clothing to help make your closet as efficient as possible.

Step 1: Closet Clean-out

The first step is to do a complete closet purge. Take everything out of your closet and go through each piece one by one. Look for clothes that no longer fit, are damaged or stained, that have not been worn in a long-time, including backup duplicates of items you do wear, or clothing that does not bring you happiness. Place those items into 3 piles, 1 for donation, 1 to sell and another to throw out. 

Once you are cleaned out it will make it easier to stay on track with items you do not wear often or at all. A good trick for this is the hanger trick, where you place all the hangers facing the opposite way on the rod in the closet, back to front, and when you pull out a piece of clothing you turn the hanger around to face the correct way. After six months, you should donate or sell anything that is on a hanger that is not turned out the correct way and repeat the process over the next six months.

Step 2: Finding Additional Storage

The next step would be to find where you could utilize any additional storage. Can you place shelving above or below your clothing? How about placing cubbies, shoe racks, or even a dresser under your clothes? You can also try installing one rod up high in the closet and a shorter rod beneath it so you have room for your longer items. All these options will give you extra storage space for your clothing which will help you stay organized.

Step 3: Organize by Categories

Now we move on to organizing! Begin by grouping your clothing and accessories with similar items, such as belts, jackets, button-down shirts, etc. and decide where the best place to store each would be. Items that are used often should be stored in the easy to reach front areas, whereas out of season or formal clothing can be in the areas that are towards the back or up high. For out of season clothing, those could even be placed into a storage container and stored under the bed.

Step 4: Tips to keep everything neat

Here are some tips to keep everything neat once all is separated and you are putting them in their place:

  • Organizing your clothing by color makes it easy to spot matching combos, you could even go a step further and organize by length within the colors.
  • Fold your t-shirts and place them into the drawers vertically rather than horizontally on top of each other, doing this makes it so you can see all your t-shirts at once.  
  • Either make or purchase drawer sorters for your undergarment drawers making everything easy to find and grab when you need them.
  • Finally, label everything! When you label everything, you spend less time looking for everything and you will also be more likely to put it back where you have planned for it to be stored.

Even if it means having a little less in your closet, the benefits of keeping your clothes organized are worth the extra effort. Not only will you save time and energy during your morning routine, but you’ll also feel more confident, happy, and ready to take on each day.

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